What type of Characters are there in an adventure game? Why there’s Playable Characters and Non playable characters and diffing types of narration that can be found here too!

Playable Characters

You – This one’s pretty easy, You are the playable character, There’s a couple of alternative ways to do this including the ever vague AFGNCAAPs / Blank Slates, Create your own Player, You as a In-Universe Character, and You as an Out of Universe Character.

Protagonists- This is where you play as a set character and are may be a Hero, Villain/Anti-Hero, or an Underdog. There is also a Cross over with the lower category – Swapable Characters if a game has more then one Protagonist in it.

Temporary Playable Characters – These are Characters you get to control for a limited portion of the game either directly or indirectly. These aren’t the same as Swapable playable characters as it’s only for a small portion of the game and isn’t part of the main method of game play.

Swappable Characters – These are either characters you can Swap at Whim, or you play through the story as one character for a potion and it changes between them as a part of the Story Arc/Chapter of the story.

Sidekick Characters/Player Characters by Proxy – These are characters that are represented on the screen but the main character is “You” and they will defer to you. These are most often more in the Edutainment Type game but any non-edutainment game type will be listed in here when found.

Non Playable Characters

Story Relavant Characters – Characters who enrich your world, Villains, Friends, Family, and the many varied Notable people in the Story.

Incidental Characters – These are the extra characters who are just Scenary to your story


Diagetic Narration Self Narration – These are games where the Narration is written and said in the character player’s voice.

Diagetic Narration Other Character or Unknown Narration – These are games were another character in the story narrates.

Non-Diagetic Narration – This is where there is a Storyteller who is reading out the Narration, Some of these interact with their Player character to some extent and may be written in several tenses depending on the way the story is framed for the player

No Narration – This is where there is no descernable “voice” to the Narration or the game is completely devoid of any descripive text.

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