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Indiana Polisi Trimded Kicks and Escapshot Hines In the 38-6 defeat Corolina Black Panther's game, he played epic performance and therefore became the best offensive player of Mei Week. In this game, he completed 3 abandoned attacks, advanced 195 yards, set a small number of pony teams, including 84 yards to return to the array and 71 yards back to attack. He became the fifth single game in nfl jerseys. The 5th single game was completed twice a player from at least 70 draws and kicked back to David. It was also a player who had completed 2 abandoned players from the first single game since 2012.

The initial performance of the Bill of the season is excellent in performance, which is benefited from the team's coaching group to the creation of the defensive group, but the performance of the season in the season is disappointing.

Americas player Campbell, Jack support Smith decision
Beijing May 15th, in Telvin Smith decided to do not play football in the 2019 season, the Jaguji Coach Doug - Malone has not contacted the starting line.

San Francisco 49 people play the ball Robbie Gould (Robbie Gould) is as reliable in the past, 33 yards from the end of the game, help the team 34-31 overcome the Los Angeles ram. All 2 anygs of Rhodes in Gould be hit in this competition and all 4-time colors. He has become the best special service group player in China.

The 30-year-old Johnson is obviously undulating this season, but it still completed the ball data or more in the sixth year. Johnson said to this: "I will think about this issue at that time, everything has an answer, now I only care about how to deal with the New Orleans Saints."

The best defensive players in China belong to the Arizona Red Preshamid Handler - Jones (CHANDLER Jones). He dedicated the performance of the monster level in the 27-13 victory of Seattle Hawks. He won 4 times, 2 forcing the ball and 6 times. This is the 7 consecutive game at least 0.5 times.

The head coach Sean McDermott said: "Just is strong, everyone knows this. I have made me convinced that these experiences have been convinced that this arm has excellent, but I won't go and Others are compared. Single arms is far less, this is also part of our efforts to improve. Josh's thoughts are already mature, this is exactly what we expect. "

Jack added: "I also passed with him. I seem to be very clear. I fully understood the reasons for him to make a decision, and think that from his point of view, there are many things to do before football, I also Respect his decision. It is not easy from the game from the game, please respect the way he does it. But I will miss him. "

This game is only 31.5, this is the lowest passage score with the four-point guard career with 109 game experience. He has lost all 9 times before the game, and it has passed 3 digits. Sedimentation, the pass rate of passed is only 41.2%, which is the fourth low of his career.

Bill New Show 4-point Wei Allen has no pressure
The rookie quartz Swan is the future hopes of Bill, but the team does not rush to seek success in the short term, which also gives Allen's adaptation time.

Campbell said: "I talked to him, I think there is nothing. He is a very good person, understanding the football game. If he said that he takes some time, then he gives him some time. He gave all the time for the game I will support him. "

In the giant 41-35 overtime game, Barkel completed 22 shots, acquired 189 yards and 1 time, and completed 90 yards and 1 time. Such anergent performance made him a total of 279 yards and set a record of the team. This makes him become the best offensive player of the National United States.

Miami Dolphin Quarter Wei Lan Fitzpatrick career eighth won the best offensive player honor. In the 38-35 defeat of Cincinnati, he was 31 success in 52 times, won 419 yards 4 times, and the quarterfielding reached 103.0.

The sixteenth week, the best players of the United States of America, announced
When this season is coming, the New York Giant Star runs Saquon Barkley, finally playing the performance of the best offensive player at last season. He played the best performance in the season in the sixteenth week.

Denver Hearts defended Dramont-Jones (DRE & # 39; Mont Jones) played the best performance in the rookie season, cheap jerseys became the best defensive player of the United States. In the 27-17 defending the Detroit Lion, he got 5 cockroaches, 2.5 times, 3 hit four-defense and 2 擒 抱 results in the number of damage.